Raising the Bar: Data Informed Improvement Planning [video] Print or save as PDF

Perception data is a vital component of informed planning in schools, and the OurSCHOOL survey is a tool schools can use to collect this data. Equally important is interpreting your results and setting goals based on your conclusions.

In this webinar Marnie Wilson, Research, Assessment and Evaluation Specialist at Brandon School Division, provides insight into the role OurSCHOOL data played in determining their division focus, helping to write goal and target areas, and how progress was subsequently monitored.

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What is the first step in beginning a strategic planning process at my school?


What data should a school consider when gathering information?


How do I interpret my survey results?


How can we create a shared vision of what we want for our students?


Can you provide me with a sample layout for progress monitoring?


What are SSMART goals?


How can we measure the target areas we have selected as a focus for our school?