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The OurSCHOOL survey helps schools gather information on factors affecting high school completion.

OurSCHOOL measures provide personalized data on your students' probability of school completion, along with meaningful information that can be used to initiate discussion with students, teachers and parents. Perspectives gained will assist in implementing long-term strategies related to school completion.

View the Raising the Bar: School Completion video to find out how to use the thematic report to understand your school completion data.

Karen Penney and Mark Owens from Peace River School Division describe some strategies they have developed based on their school completion data.




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What are the obstacles I should be aware of that impact school completion rates?


What are the profiles/groupings of students in relation to school completion?


How can I use thematic reports to understand school completion data for my school?


How can schools increase school completion rates?


How can I best use OurSCHOOL's reporting features to look at school completion?

Why is it important to regularly survey my students?


What data are other schools using to inform them of their school completion rates?


What are some strategies that other divisions have developed from their school completion data?


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