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The OurSCHOOL survey provides a valuable tool for schools looking to address the issues of bullying and safety.

Using the survey as a tool to gain initial data information on bullying measures within a school is the first step. From here, schools can use the survey to measure the success of school efforts after interventions have been implemented.

View the Raising the Bar: Bullying & School Safety video to learn about research findings compiled from The Learning Bar’s national database.

Roblin Elementary School Principal Wendy Lawrence and Guidance Counselor Shawna Packo discuss how they reduced bullying by using the OurSCHOOL survey.




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In anticipation of the OurSCHOOL survey, what definition of bullying should I communicate to my students?


What are the classifications of bullying addressed by the OurSCHOOL survey?


What are some of the research findings on the OurSCHOOL measure of bullying and school safety?


How will my school's data be reported for survey measures of Bullying & School Safety?


Using OurSCHOOL survey data, what interventions have members used to address bullying and school safety?


Q & A

In this Q & A session, Research Coordinator Danielle Durepos answers questions on bullying from a research perspective. Account Success Manager Stephanie Robinson provides details regarding the OurSCHOOL Bullying measures. Wendy Lawrence and Shawna Packo provide listeners with further insight into their experience using OurSCHOOL survey to establish anti-bullying interventions in their school.




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