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OurSCHOOL account managers worked with a New Brunswick high school to improve how the school’s admin team communicated the OurSCHOOL Survey to stakeholders.

This resource is the result.

The OurSCHOOL slide deck quickly helps you explain and show students, teachers and parents:

  • why your school is using the survey
  • how the school will use students’ responses
  • current and previous survey results on topics important to your stakeholders
  • custom questions in advance, giving students time to consider thoughtful responses

PowerPoint download OurSCHOOL Presentation.pptx (1.25 MB)

“After I customized the presentation, each teacher showed it at a designated time. In those 10 minutes, the whole school heard and saw consistent messaging as to how OurSCHOOL gives us student voice and helps us make changes connected to school and district goals.

The slide deck helped me address popular topics students reported in last year’s survey (cafeteria, wifi). Requesting feedback on a specific topic gave us very descriptive responses – and five times the number compared to last year.”

– Maxine MacConnell, Vice Principal, Oromocto High School


Please note:

In building your presentation, you will need to know how to use the Interactive Charts, the Scrapbook, and access your Open-Ended Question Responses.


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