Career Pathways Report Now Available! Print or save as PDF

The Learning Bar is very pleased to announce the release of our new Career Pathways thematic report. This report provides insight into your secondary students’ aspirations and career knowledge and shows what educational factors they consider most important to achieving their career goals.

If your survey included the Career Pathways module, click here to access your report.

Make informed decisions on the resources and supports your students need to plan their future

The Career Pathways report captures your Grades 7-12 students’:

  • Aspirations after graduation
  • Level of commitment to a particular job
  • Current exploration into career options
  • Career knowledge
  • Perceived obstacles to choosing a career
  • Current use of school-level resources
  • Opportunities to explore career options
  • Perceived importance of specific subjects and skills

Find out more about how Career Pathways can help you better understand and support your students’ transition from school to higher education and employment:

PDF_24x24.png Career Pathways Information Sheet.pdf (1 MB)

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