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We know not all students experience school in the same way. The reality is that many students are prevented from achieving their full potential as a result of societal, economic, or cultural conditions that limit their opportunities, freedoms, and dignity. 

Every day, leaders like you strive to close gaps, eliminate barriers, and create an equitable school environment. The question is, how do we establish consistent and effective practices for making evidence-based decisions around equity and equality? 

Are you in Ontario?

Canada’s largest school climate survey now meets the legislative requirements of Ontario’s Anti-Racism Act; PPM 144: Bullying Prevention and Intervention; and Anti-Racism Data Standards. external_link.PNG

OurSCHOOL Demographics

Out of the box, the OurSCHOOL student survey reveals insights into the climate of inclusivity, diversity, and equity within your division. Students’ differing experiences of engagement, sense of belonging, bullying, safety, and well-being tell a rich and compelling story.

You can dig below the surface to examine disparities between students of diverse gender and sexual orientation; or by newcomer, Indigenous, English-language learner, or socioeconomic status. You can easily add your own custom demographics to measure the experiences of other populations as well.

To help schools and divisions achieve their equity and inclusivity goals, our education experts have designed 8 new demographics to our grade 7 – 12 student survey. 

Hover over each new item to see a brief description.

These categories can be used to drill-down other measures within the Interactive Reports. New items are in bold.
  • Grade
  • Sex, Sex Inclusive, or Gender Identity
  • Language Spoken at Home
  • Grade Repetition
  • Immigrant Status
  • Indigenous Status
  • Disability
  • Change School
  • Instruction Environment
  • *Race  
  • *Religion
  • *LGBTQ2S+ 
These categories cannot be used to drill-down other measures, however will be reported out within your One Click and Interactive Reports. New items are in bold.
  • *Gender Expression 
  • *LGBTQ2S+ Ally
  • *Sexual Orientation
  • *Ethnic Origin
  • *Canadian Identity



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