Setting up your Multiple Choice/Answer Questions and Carrying Over Previous Questions Print or save as PDF

When setting up your survey, you have the option to add one or two Multiple-choice or Multiple Answer Questions (MCQ/MAQs) to your student survey. If you added MCQs in a previous survey, you can view them by clicking on previous Multiple-Choice Questions.

The Custom Multiple-Choice Question(s) (MCQ) you add to your survey comes with the added benefit of being able to be used as "drill-down variables" within your school's interactive charts. What this means is that you can break down the results of each measure according to the different response options you set in your MCQs.  

If adding MCQs or MAQs, complete each of the following sections:

1. Question title for reports - this title will appear at the top of the chart when results are reported
2. Multiple-Choice vs Multiple-Answers - select whether the question will be Multiple-Choice or Multiple Answer. Refer to Creating Custom Questions: Strategies for Success for more information.
3. Question the survey participant sees - enter the question here, exactly as you want the survey participant to see it.
4. Response options - enter the options the survey participant will pick from on their survey
5. Label for Reports - when the results are reported, these labels will appear on the chart’s x-axis.


NEW! You can now easily copy over any custom questions that were used within your past  implementations. To preview your previous questions click on the "previous multiple-choice questions" button. 

Here is the view of the previous multiple choice questions from your past survey.

Select the button "copy questions from previous year" if you have decided to make use of the same questions from the last survey. 

Select which custom question you would like to carry over within the drop-down choices. Once done, select the (1049529-200.png) to save and carry over the questions. 


The result of these Multiple Choice or Answer Questions can be viewed by showing the interactive charts tool.

For example, let's say you are interested in comparing the prevalence of bullying separated by what bus students travel on every day. You could add a custom MCQ to your survey that asked: What bus do you take to school every day? Bus A / Bus B / Bus C / Bus D / Bus E.

_drilldown Setup.PNG

When you view your school's interactive charts, you could drill down the measure in this example of bullying into those five separate populations:


This powerful drill-down feature allows you to analyze trends amongst sub-populations that are unique to your school.

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