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"What is the OurSCHOOL set open-ended question?"

The OurSCHOOL set OEQ (created by The Learning Bar):Please tell us some of the things you really like about your school, or things that would make it even better.” is included on every student survey. As a general rule, we do advise schools not to ask ‘double-barrel’ questions (two questions in one) with their own custom questions. In this case however, experience has taught us that this question yields the most meaningful results when asked in this format.

In the past, these questions were phrased to solicit only positive feedback (Please tell us some things you like about your school) OR only negative feedback (Please tell us some things you would improve about your school). This resulted in students feeling compelled to provide examples for both – even if they didn’t necessarily feel strongly about those examples. 

We found that allowing students the freedom to talk about things they like OR things they would improve ended up gathering responses about whatever issues that students felt the most strongly about. Gathering information that is top of mind for students in their daily life is one of the key benefits of the OurSCHOOL survey system.

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