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"What is the replica line in the interactive charts?"

Many administrators have told us that they wish they could compare their data with a school comprised of students with similar socio-economic backgrounds. The unique Replica School feature provides such a comparison, making it possible to fairly compare results with a virtual school that has the same student composition as yours.

The replica line shows the result of a "virtual school" comprised of students with the same socioeconomic characteristics (grade, sex and a variety of other indicators) as the students who have completed the survey at your school. The comparison population is drawn from our database of hundreds of thousands of students.

The replica line compares similar populations of students based on where they fit in on a scale of grade, sex and socioeconomic indicators. We use the results for those indicators to see where your school "fits in" on the scale and then compare it to the aggregated results of other schools that fit into the same place. The replica line is way to make comparisons between populations with similar socioeconomic compositions - apples to apples.