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Effective September 2013, The Learning Bar implemented changes to our data suppression procedures to more effectively manage our longstanding policy of protecting teacher anonymity. This automated procedure means that District Coordinators are not burdened with the task of deciding what data needs to be suppressed in order to protect anonymity.

In order to avoid reports being interpreted as an evaluation of classroom performance, we recommend that regions apply drill-down suppression for any schools that have year levels for which all subjects are taught by a single teacher. When drill-down suppression is applied, any measures that could be considered classroom evaluative are reported only as an aggregate of all data.

The measures that could be considered classroom evaluative are:

Quality Instruction

  • Effective Learning Time
  • Relevance
  • Rigour

Classroom Context

  • Positive Teacher Student Relations
  • Positive Learning Climate
  • Expectation for Success

During the survey setup process, those individuals responsible for completing these steps will be prompted to answer a few questions related to the size of their school. Based on the answers, the system will automatically determine if the minimum threshold of having at least two teachers per grade level has been met. Should the threshold not be met, the OurSCHOOL reporting tools will automatically suppress that data from being drilled down for those measures that could be considered evaluative of classroom performance.


When suppressed, measures will appear in the One-Click and Interactive Chart reports in the following example formats. Student data is not lost or deleted; it is still represented in all aggregate level reporting.