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"Why can't I view the reports for my school yet?"

If your school has completed surveying and your reports are not available yet, please ensure that you have closed your survey. Reports are ordinarily released within two business days of receiving your request to close a survey and compile reports. To close your survey, select the Close Survey option under the My Surveys menu.

If you selected the Classroom Selection evaluation option for your survey then there is no need to contact us to close the survey. The idea behind Classroom Selection is that you will be surveying a representative sample of students every month. Your reports will be updated at the start of each month to include the results from the previous month.

Please note: only accounts set as School Coordinator or Principal are able to view the Open Ended Question reports. 



"When do reports get released?"

Once you are satisfied with the number of survey-takers who have completed the survey, you can use the Close Survey option under the My Surveys menu to notify OurSCHOOL that your school has completed the survey and would like the reports to be made available.

Under normal circumstances, we are able to release a report within two working days of the Close Survey request being received. You will receive an email from when the reports are released.

Please note: Once a survey has been closed, it can no longer be accessed by survey participants.