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"What does the Survey Description in Survey Composing look like to schools?"

The Survey Description field in the School Options section of Survey Composing is where districts can modify the survey description text that schools will see when setting up surveys. Our default survey description text states that the secondary survey is targeted towards students in grades 7+ and the elementary survey is targeted towards students in grades 4-6.

 (Example default recommendation for secondary surveys.) 


Some districts choose to use the survey with a range of students other than our default recommendations. For those districts, we provide DC's with the option of overriding and editing the default survey description that will appear to school administrators during setup. DC's can enter any survey-specific recommendations or instructions that will help schools pick the correct survey for their needs.

(Example survey description entered by a DC during Survey Composing. This text will appear to School Coordinators when they set up their survey.)


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