Distributing Survey Accounts to Participants Print or save as PDF

"How do I distribute survey accounts to participants?"

Once your survey is set up and activated, you must download a list of accounts to distribute to participants through the Survey taker list and passwords option under the My Surveys menu. The list will include a unique username and password for each participant. You can randomly distribute one account to each student who is taking the survey.

Most schools cut these usernames and passwords into individual slips of paper and allow students to draw them from a container before taking the survey. This increases students’ confidence that the survey is truly anonymous. The site the participants use to login is, and their unique usernames and passwords will automatically send them to the survey.  


For your convenience, we offer the option to download the list in CSV, PDF, or Microsoft's Excel (.xls) format.

If your School is doing both the Secondary survey and the Elementary survey we also recommend printing the two list of usernames and passwords on different color sheets. This helps with ensuring you are distributing the correct survey accounts to the correct grades.

We also suggest viewing the Best Practices: Usernames and Passwords article, or the Usernames, Passwords and Survey Implementation Tips video  for some ideas on a contactless delivery of student login codes. 

"I have set up a survey. Can you send me my student account login information?"

You can retrieve the list of usernames and passwords by selecting the Survey Taker List and Passwords option under the My Surveys menu. From there, you can choose to download the list in CSV, Excel, or PDF format.