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Spring is finally here! The school year will be winding down soon, and many of you are completing your surveys. As you reflect on our progress this year, look carefully at the data you have received and consider ways to build on your successes. Keep in mind that you can use your survey data to create new strategies and interventions to reach your goals.

Our product and research experts are here to help you interpret and utilize this valuable data source. Don't hesitate to contact us for assistance!

Thought Leadership & Using your Data

How are educators using OurSCHOOL data for change? 

We are often asked for ideas of what other OurSCHOOL members are doing with their data. Visit the Knowledge Base for a few success stories from educators we work with.

Product Adoption

Monitoring data trends and tracking progress is key. As part of continuous improvement cycle, monitoring trends within your data and tracking progress toward your school's goal is key.

  • Remember, change takes time. Continuously monitor your survey results during the school year and trends over time.
  • Year-over-year comparisons allow you to observe the impact of your school improvement plans. Check out this article to learn more about the benefits of surveying annually.
  • Explore our FAQ page to better understand meaningful change and how it impact your OurSCHOOL survey results.


How are educators using OurSCHOOL data for change?

We have continuously updated bank of resources, including common questions and answers, helpful videos, and best practice tips. Search the OurSCHOOL Knowledge Base for on-the-spot answers to your questions! For example, check out this article on suggestions for effectively using your data. For more

Tips and Tricks

Directly access frequently used resources. Trend Reports allow schools to easily asses the impact of their policy or practice changes across time. You can sort your charts by the degree of change to quickly pinpoint areas of interest.

  • The Trend Reports enable schools to compare trends among specific student groups, such as grade, sex, and indigenous status. View all of your historic measure results in a simple, easily-to-interpret chart!
  • Each chart in the Trend reports can be easily exported and printed as a PDF or Excel Sheet.

Getting started with the Trend Reports


Curious about the Trend Reports? Check out this article to learn more.

Watch out Trend Report "how to" video to help you navigate this exciting new feature.

Check out the Trend Reports FAQ to get the most out of your OurSCHOOL data.

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