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The Learning Bar and the Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF) have developed a new physical inclusivity module within the OurSCHOOL Secondary Survey and expanded the survey’s disability measure.


  • The Learning Bar and Rick Hansen Foundation developed a new OurSCHOOL measure on physical disability
  • The OurSCHOOL Disability measure shows enhanced examples
  • This Inclusive and Accessible Schools measure can be selected survey composing
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The content helps you to:

  • understand the challenges facing your students with physical, vision and hearing disabilities,
  • ensure all of your students have equal access to the buildings, resources and the tools they need to learn, and
  • use your OurSCHOOL data to inform improvement initiatives and monitor success over time.

You can include the new Rick Hansen Foundation Inclusive and Accessible Schools module within your survey now. You receive your data through OurSCHOOL's interactive charts within two days of closing your survey. Furthermore, a new Inclusive and Accessible Schools Thematic Report will be available in Fall 2018 to help you assess the equality of outcomes for students with disabilities.

Also, we’ve updated our Disability measure to reflect both Rick Hansen Foundation advice around sensitive terminology and the latest research on defining disability. This amended content focuses on awareness of the challenges faced by people with disabilities, students’ acceptance of those with disabilities and their willingness to take action.

The Rick Hansen Foundation Inclusive and Accessible module is available as of January 2018.


PDF_24x24.png RHF Inclusive Schools Information Sheet.pdf (1.34 MB)


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