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New changes to the OurSCHOOL support structure to serve you better

The OurSCHOOL team is pleased to announce a big step forward for the our service model. We remain one team, but with two focuses: implementation and engagement.

The two goals?

1. Increase the efficiency of our service to you.
You will continue to work with a primary Account Success Manager within our implementation team: Simon, Arjen, Leo, Melissa, Carlos & Mohammed welcome your contact and requests. If one of them is busy but you urgently need a response, another ASM is present to act on your request. 

2. Support your use of OurSCHOOL within your growth plans.
Data is not the final answer; it is the starting point for your questions. Our engagement team, Lorna & Stephanie, can assist you in using your OurSCHOOL data to: determine how the survey measures support your board’s outcomes, engage your team with data, and involve the school community in your findings. 

Lorna and Stephanie combine extensive classroom teaching and school leadership experience with deep knowledge of the research and analysis underpinning OurSCHOOL. With their combined knowledge and experience they can support schools to use perception data as evidence to impact school growth.

How will it help?

The collaboration within OurSCHOOL – coupled with involvement from our in-house research department – brings you the best strengths of each individual. 

  • Your survey composing, planning, support tickets, and general requests are fielded by the entire ASM team
  • There is increased availability to help your teams understand, use and promote your work based on perception data

How does it work? 

No change for you: call or email as always! You have phone & email support after hours (until 7 PM Eastern each business day).

  • Our implementation team initially speaks with you on many requests, connecting you with the engagement team as you like. 
  • Our engagement team supports you in using evidence in a collaborative approach within your school community.

We’ve based our new approach on best practices in both the education and customer support fields, yet will continue to customize our service to support your specific needs.

We’re looking forward to supporting your goals in 2018-19 – and beyond.

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