January 2019 Norm Update – Notable Differences Print or save as PDF

The majority of the norms have changed by 5% or less from the historical values. Depending on your measure selection and the grade composition of your district, you may see some notable differences in the norms when comparing to the norm values from previous years. These differences may be more pronounced when results are disaggregated by sex and grade.

A few notable differences at the aggregate level are:

  • Anxiety scores increased by at least 7% for both elementary and secondary.
  • The elementary Interest and Motivation norm increased by approximately 20% from the previous norm due to a 2014 change in how this measure is calculated (reduced to 4 items from 6).
  • For secondary, decreases greater than 5% were seen for the following measures: Participation in Clubs, Truancy, Tobacco, Marijuana, Ecstasy (Other Drugs), and Alcohol.
  • For secondary, increases greater than 5% were seen for the following measures: Positive Behaviour at School, Intellectual Engagement composite, Interest and Motivation, and Sexual Health Basic (Do you feel comfortable answering questions about your physical and emotional well-being in relation to sexuality? Yes/No).

If you have questions about the changes to a specific norm, email us at or call 1-877-840-2424 x 1.