October 2023 Norm Update – Notable Differences Print or save as PDF

The majority of the norms have changed by 5% or less from the historical values. Depending on your measure selection and the grade composition of your district, you may see some notable differences in the norms when compared to the norm values from previous years. These differences may be more pronounced when results are disaggregated by sex and grade.

A few notable differences at the aggregate level are:

  • Both elementary and secondary norms showed increases in student Anxiety. Secondary norms also showed an increase in Depression and decreases in student Self-esteem and Feel safe attending school. These differences all ranged from 7 to 11%.
  • Secondary norms for Aspirations to complete high school, Aspirations to pursue a trade or apprenticeship, and Aspirations to go to college or university decreased by 6 - 11%.
  • Both elementary and secondary norms showed decreased Participation in Sports and Clubs, and Sense of belonging, with greater decreases seen for elementary (8-18%) across these measures. (Secondary 4 - 7%)
  • Both elementary and secondary norms showed decreases of 6 to 11% for Values schooling outcomes, Interest and Motivation, and Effort, with greater decreases seen at the secondary level.
  • Both elementary and secondary norms showed a decrease of greater than 10% for Homework Behaviour.
  • Norms were not updated for the Time Measures or for the Nutrition and Health measures. Updated versions of these measures have been introduced for the 2023-24 school year and will be normed at a later date. Likewise, the elementary Well-Being measures will be updated at a later date.
If you have questions about the changes to a specific norm, email us at or call 1-877-840-2424 x 1.


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