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shutterstock_284521172-sm.jpg We know that every school and district is unique and has its own challenges, goals, and priorities.

Whether you have questions about understanding your data, using student voice in school planning, how to engage your whole school community, what the literature says about how to improve students' sense of belonging, or what schools like yours are doing to achieve success, our Research Teams' expertise is never more than a phone call or email away.

We are here to help you with your…

MEASURE SELECTION - Ensure that your survey is precisely targeted to gather the data that best supports your unique goals. A well-aligned survey allows you to set baselines, monitor your impact on student outcomes, target interventions, and focus your time and resources on what matters the most.

target.PNG CUSTOM QUESTION DESIGN - Customize your survey with questions that are actionable and capture data unique to your school community. We can offer advice on question design best practices, provide feedback on your already drafted custom questions, review your data to find areas that could be further investigated with additional questions, and provide guidance on using your custom questions to explore equity in your district and schools.

DATA INTERPRETATION – Interpret and share your survey findings among your school community with confidence. If you’re looking for assistance, clarification, or just want a sounding board for how to think about your results, our Research and Engagement Teams are standing by to help.


Engagement Session: Data Deep Dive for Districts

We are excited to offer expert-led sessions to build collaboration within your teams and provide assistance as you leverage your OurSCHOOL data. Designed for busy educators, our sessions can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of your division. We want to ensure you and your team are getting the most out of our sessions, and that means focusing on the right topics at the right time.


Work with our Research Team to select a session focus that best meets your needs. For example, we can focus the session on:

  • exploring your OurSCHOOL Survey results,
  • strategies related to communicating the survey and survey results,
  • custom question development and best practices, or
  • practical strategies for sharing data with various stakeholders.


The Engagement Team supported school leaders in meeting the parallel goals of facilitating skill in using data captured by the survey and in creating the imagination for school leaders to narrow the focus and effectively respond to challenges highlighted in the data.

- Jonathan Toews, former Assistant Superintendent
at Borderland School Division

Maximize the value of your OurSCHOOL Survey and empower your school leadership teams by registering for a session today.

Click the link to learn more:  Data Deep Dive for Districts

Sessions are available in both online and in-person formats. Pricing is based on session details and availability may be limited. For more information, please contact