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We hope you are enjoying the summer with friends and family and taking time to recharge for the upcoming school year!

The Knowledge Base

We have a frequently updated bank of resources, including common questions and answers, helpful videos, and best practice tips. Search the OurSCHOOL Knowledge Base for on-the-spot answers to your questions! For example, check out this article on suggestions for effective use of your data. As always, if your school or division would like to discuss a ‘deeper dive’ into your data, contact our engagement team at 

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  • The OurSCHOOL Student Survey is made up of individual questions, or ‘items,’ that provide valuable information on a wide array of topics.
  • When combined, these items create powerful measures which can be used to investigate a construct of interest.
  • Click here to find out why we use measures on the OurSCHOOL survey, and why measures are better to use compared to individual questions.

Coming Soon!

Next month we will provide professional development resources you can use to create excitement for your 2019-2020 survey year!

What educators are saying about OurSCHOOL


"OurSCHOOL provides us with concrete data on which to build school goals.”

- Laura Ketch, Teacher
(Bonar Law Memorial School, New Brunswick)

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