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Member Success Stories

Student engagement includes students' sense of belonging at school, the extent to which they value schooling outcomes, and their psychological investment in learning. Data from students can help school staff develop policies and practices that increase student Engagement.

We are often asked for ideas of what other OurSCHOOL members are doing with their data. Here are a few inspirational ideas that address student engagement from fellow educators we have worked with.

In order to support their students’ needs, one Alberta School Division investigated the thoughts and feelings of their students based on responses to open-ended questions. They noticed that many children were unable to participate in after-school activities, so they organized time each week during regular school hours for club activities.


OurSCHOOL data demonstrated that, unlike the other grades,
 there was a disconnect among grade 10 students at a school in Ontario. The staff recognized that guidance resources were spread thin across grades 10, 11, and 12 so, in turn, they instituted a counselor position specifically for grade 10 students. Since the position was created, grade 10 OurSCHOOL survey results at the school have largely matched the other grade levels.

In response to OurSCHOOL survey data, an OurSCHOOL member in Ontario decided to restructure their break periods. They extended the time in between classes from 5 to 10 minutes in order to help students decompress. Prior to the change, many students were arriving to class unprepared. Afterward, the staff noticed that students were seldom late for classes and arrived ready to learn.

As another example of using OurSCHOOL data to benefit students, board trustees in one Manitoba division met with 24 students from area schools to discuss their experiences and views on education, as well as areas for concern and success stories to be celebrated.

We always love to hear what our fellow educators are doing with their data. If you would love to share a story to inspire others of how your school used OurSCHOOL data please reach out to  us at