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Open-Ended Questions allow survey takers to give a free form answer, addressing their feelings, perceptions, and attitudes on a variety of subjects in their own words. While these responses provide schools with very informative qualitative feedback, some responses may be inappropriate or non-constructive and understandably cause concern.

Here are some of the common questions we receive on this topic.

Who has access to my Open-Ended Question responses?

Access to a school's Open-Ended Question results are restricted to specific OurSCHOOL roles, specifically Principal, School Coordinator and School Monitor. Moreover, we have created other roles for school-level users that provide access to all school data except the Open-Ended Question results.

District staff do not have access to any school OEQ results.

What do I do if I am concerned about a response?
Survey takers may on occasion include identifying information (e.g., student or teacher names), sensitive information, expletive language, etc. While we encourage you to share your survey results, it’s important to take the time to review and edit the responses as necessary before doing so. We also recommend saving your exported Excel file as a PDF or other locked document, so others cannot tamper with the contents.
Can you delete a response?
We are unable to delete responses from the survey. However, you control who is able to view the responses with the appropriate user roles and also by exporting and editing the results.
Can you identify participants?
No, we cannot. However, we take harmful comments seriously. Please contact The Learning Bar’s helpdesk ( and your District Coordinator if you have concerns over the nature of a comment in your survey results.

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