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Happy summer from OurSCHOOL and see you next year

We want to thank you for your ongoing commitment to your students’ learning and well-being. You have strived to ensure that our future leaders are engaged during this extremely difficult time. We hope that the sun has set on this chapter, and wish you and your fellow educators a very well-deserved break.

A Sneak Peek into 2021-2022

Before you leave we'd like to share some of the improvements that we have been working on this year that you will see integrated into the OurSCHOOL Survey beginning in the fall! These amendments originate from your ideas and suggestions. Find out more about these five key developments and how they can be integrated into your school improvement process. Click here to find out more!



Elevate the Impact of Instruction

New Professional Learning - Science of Assessment

Every day, instructional leaders make decisions that directly impact student learning and well-being, and the volumes of data collected from schools, classrooms and students bring them essential insight. How do you ensure that educators have a deep understanding of how to effectively use this data in working together to better meet student needs and improve all facets of school planning?

We are happy to introduce our new course 'The Science of Assessment', designed to help implant a culture of data-informed decision-making. With this course we have effectively outlined what kind of data needs to be collected and how it can effectively be used to support student learning and well-being.


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