District Access to School Reports Print or save as PDF

It is our policy to restrict access to a school's Open-Ended Question results to members assigned to that school (e.g., Principals or School Coordinators). District staff may submit a request to The Learning Bar for access to the Open-Ended Questions themselves, but not the responses to these questions.

Access to Teacher or Parent Survey reports is also restricted to members assigned to that particular school. Each school retains the option of whether or not they wish to share this information with their district leadership. District members who require access to a specific school's report may contact the school to request a copy.

The impetus for these restrictions is to ensure that OurSCHOOL can never be used by the district as an evaluation of employee performance. The idea is that the OurSCHOOL surveys can be used by district leaders to assess the climate of all schools and by school leaders to assess the climate of their school.

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