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Dear Member,

We are so pleased that you are using The Learning Bar’s OurSCHOOL survey system! This orientation guide serves as a general reference to assist you with planning your survey and navigating the resources available.

These resources provide an overview of the platform and guide you through the process of using it to compose and customize the survey. After the results are compiled, they will help inform you on the generation and interpretation of meaningful reports.

Your Role as District Coordinator

The District Coordinator is the project lead at the district level and the primary conduit for communications between schools and The Learning Bar’s staff. This role is particularly critical at the beginning of the survey implementation. Once the survey is complete, District Coordinators support schools in the interpretation and use of survey findings. In your role as District Coordinator you will:

    • Encourage and support the efforts of schools using OurSCHOOL survey instruments;
    • Build and strengthen school relationships;
    • Build schools’ capacity to use data for school improvement;
    • Communicate effectively with all stakeholders;
    • Commit to use the data for school improvement at the district level.


The sections below follow the main stages of a survey implementation process, and the principal resources at each stage are indicated. Explore each section of the Knowledge Base for more articles on specific topics.

Preparation and Account Information

Before launching the OurSCHOOL survey, the About OurSCHOOL Measures and What's Available: Report Output sections contain some important information that will help you plan your survey. See Account Information if you need help to update your account or reset your password.

Training & Webinars

Coordinate with your Account Success Manager to set dates and times for webinar training sessions. District and School Coordinator sessions are conducted separately, and you will be provided with a registration link to share with your School Coordinators. For these sessions, The Learning Bar uses the GoToWebinar platform.


As District Coordinator, you are responsible for informing all parties about the initiative. This involves communicating the goals of the initiative and its importance, describing how OurSCHOOL is expected to benefit various stakeholders. See the Communication and Student Preparation section for related articles and resources.

Participating Schools & Coordinators

Before surveying, ensure that each participating school is activated and its corresponding School Coordinator or Principal has access to the OurSCHOOL system. See the Setting up Your District section of Pre-Survey Resources for instructions.

Survey Composing

Survey composing is the process in which District Coordinators select the questions and content that will appear on the survey for all schools in their district. Districts need to compose a survey before it is available for schools to set up and administer to their students. See the How to Compose the Student Survey article for step-by-step instructions.

Survey Setup

Survey Setup is the process by which School Coordinators complete configuration of a survey and tailor it to their local needs. Direct your School Coordinators to the School Coordinator Orientation article and the Survey Setup section of Pre-Survey Resources for more information.

Monitoring Progress

Once surveying has begun, District Coordinators can monitor progress for all schools using the Monitor Progress page. See How to Monitor Progress and the other articles available in the Survey Window Resources section. 

Closing Surveys

Once you are satisfied with the number of participants, use the 'Close Survey' option to notify The Learning Bar that the survey is complete and you would like the reports to be generated. See the Closing a Survey section for more information.

Viewing Reports

Reports are normally released within two working days of survey closure. Refer to the Post-Survey Resources section for detailed articles on the different reporting tools, and for resources on Communication and Sharing Results.


Parent & Teacher Surveys

Once the decision to conduct a Parent or Teacher Survey has been taken, your ASM will enable the survey and schools can begin setup directly. For more information, see the Teacher and Parent Survey sections.

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