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This article will guide you through accessing your school site, how to download the student login codes, tips for communication and survey permutation. And lastly we will review our data privacy and security policy.

If you wish to add custom questions to your student survey, please follow the steps provided here:
Editing Custom Questions



Once you have successfully logged into the our school site at, you will simply need to download your list of student login codes for distribution. To begin, select the survey taker lists and passwords located under My Surveys. 


Using the drop down, select the active survey available and clcik Submit. Your list will load here for you and should look like this: 



Please take this time to review your list, have a quick glance and ensure all student information is correct, and that no one is missing. You can then select the download to Excel option on the right hand side just above the table. 

Once the file has downloadedyou can edit to remove unnecessary fields and to resize the columns and rows for easier distribution.

You can then distribute the codes directly to the students. One method is to use the Mail Merge function within Microsoft Outlook

Once the student receives their unique username or password, they will navigate to the same login site, and use the login credentials provided. The site will automatically redirect them to the survey for your school.

The survey also has a built in text to speech software available that the student wish to hear the question or response options read out loud to them. They will simply need to click this icon where applicable:


To watch a video demonstration please navigate to our Linked Student Survey Implementation Process [Video] resource.