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The OurSCHOOL Student Survey platform uses unique logins to preserve the integrity of the data and prevent tampering. Assigning each participant a single username/password ensures that no one is able to corrupt the results by completing the survey more than once. It also provides participants with the ability to resume progress if they are unable to complete it within a single session. Knowing that each participant has a single login also allows administrators to monitor progress and survey completion more precisely.

Using unique student logins ensures the OurSCHOOL survey results are reliable and valid allowing school and district personnel to inform educational policy, funding, and resource decisions based on their results. We continue to use student login codes to help protect the integrity and security of the data collected, and as such the provision of login codes in this manner is a research best practice rather than a technical limitation.

Messaging to students should be that the survey will be completed in one sitting; however, we know that there are some circumstances beyond our control that may require a student to finish the survey in more than one sitting. This could include interruptions within the school like internet or power outages, a student closing their browser window by mistake, or a student requiring additional time to complete the survey.  Ensuring that students have their username and password on hand will allow them to finish the survey if an accidental logout happens.


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