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Leverage the Latest Canadian Norms

OurSCHOOL continues to set the standard in educational insights. New national norms are now available to offer you the most current and valid benchmarks! Use the norms to:

  • Improve Relevance: Gain insights from the latest statistics and trends in student experiences and opinions.

  • Enhance Benchmarking: Compare your performance against the most current national standards.

  • Inform Decision-Making: Use these norms to guide your school's policies, programs, and strategies.

Explore Secondary Well-Being Norms

If you haven't started using the secondary well-being norms, now is a great time. Explore your institution's performance with national and provincial benchmarks and make data-driven decisions to enhance student well-being.

Events & Views

unnamed.pngINSIGHTS EVENT: Rebounding and Rebuilding Systemwide Well-Being - Register for In-Person Event or Live Stream Now!

VIDEOInsights Greenwood College School, ON: Using data to uncover trends and foster an open and authentic learning environment.

Data Deep Dive Sessions: Unlock the power of your data with a customized data deep dive session! Make informed decisions that align with your district's goals.

Explore More New Features and Services

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Explore enhanced insights and new benchmarks to support data-driven decision-making.

Updated Bullying & School Safety Thematic Reports: Easily interpret and act upon your Bullying and School Safety Data.

New Nutrition & Time Variables: Formulate policies aimed at improving student nutrition and overall health.

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Preparing Staff, Students, and Caregivers for the Survey 

Sample PowerPoint: We Asked, You Said




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