Preparing Staff, Students and Caregivers for the Survey Print or save as PDF

Thorough planning and preparation will ensure a smooth and consistent survey administration leading to reliable data about your school.

It is important that students, teachers, and parents know why the survey is taking place, including its goals and benefits. It is also important that students, parents, and teachers are informed that the  survey is anonymous, voluntary, and that students may skip any questions they are not comfortable answering.

Be Informed

Survey Logistics

  • Make a survey timetable so teachers know when and where they are doing the survey. Read our Factors Affecting Survey Length article for examples of other factors to consider as you prepare to implement your survey.
  • Investigate technical limitations, such as internet bandwidth.
  • Use consistent instructions and procedures to ensure all students have the same experience.
  • Consider additional staff for students who may require help. 
  • Add Text to Speech software on a few computers for students who may need extra reading assistance.
  • Plan an activity for students who finish first.

Inform Your Students

  • Our Guide for Survey Administrators is a great resource to use when explaining how student voice can shape the school.
  • Tell students that answers are confidential and anonymous. Questions that make them uncomfortable can be skipped.
  • Inform students that some survey questions stay the same each year to accurately track improvements. Use our Practical Tips for Generating Survey Excitement to help curb survey fatigue!
  • Share previous results with students. Let them know of school initiatives that have implemented as a result of the information they provided on the survey. 
  • Hold a focus group to speak directly with students to gather more in-depth information.


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