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You can access reports from previous years by clicking on the My Reports option under the View Reports menu.

You can also view which reports are available by going to your School or District's Monitor Progress view. If, under the View Reports column, you can see View Available or Report Available you should be able to click on it to see which reports are available to you. To view a description on what kind of reports are available, click here


Once the View Reports menu loads, you can choose to view reports from previous years by selecting the appropriate green school-year tab.


Comparing results between years

Using the Interactive Charts, you can generate a side-by-side comparison of current and previous year(s) results for your school. Here's how to view a year-over-year comparison:

First, start by generating a chart result for the measure that you are interesting in viewing multi-year results for:

Next, in the dashboard at the top of the interactive chart page, select an option from the 'Years' drop-down menu. Click the Refresh All Charts button to generate a chart that includes this comparison.


As a result, the charts will be regenerated to include results from selected previous year(s) alongside current year results. 

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