Practical Tips for Generating Survey Excitement with Students Print or save as PDF

Have your students said that they are tired of completing the same survey year after year? Do you want to generate excitement for the survey? Are you looking for ideas of how to share results after the survey has been implemented? Try the following practical tips to generate excitement for the OurSCHOOL Survey and to help combat ‘survey fatigue.’

Word download  Practical Tips for Generating Survey Excitement.docx (1.05 MB) 

These tips can help to ensure that students see the value in the survey and view it as an opportunity to share their voice! Demonstrate to students that you are not just collecting data to collect data or to support reporting requirements. Let students know that they can be involved in the action plan, and that results from the survey will be used to help shape their school! Use this document to create a plan for generating excitement for the OurSCHOOL survey with students.

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