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Welcome Back from the OurSCHOOL Team

A new school year is upon us and many schools will soon begin setting up their surveys. Be sure to include the voices of parents, teachers, and students in the survey planning process to ensure your whole school community is represented! 


Use Text-to-Speech Software with OurSCHOOL


Our clients have asked us if they can use text-to-speech software with the OurSCHOOL survey. We are happy to confirm that assistive text-to-speech software can be used effectively with our surveys!


"We use Google Read&Write extensively in our division. Our division has Read&Write installed as an extension so every student and teacher has it on their desktops and chrome books. In the past, we have used this tool for students doing the OurSCHOOL survey and it has worked fine. It is an effective tool to use for the survey.”large-logo-2.png

Terry Jordens
Holy Family RCSSD, Saskatchewan

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Try these Practical Tips to get Students Excited for the Survey!


Have your students said that they are tired of answering the same questions every year?
Try these practical tips to generate excitement for the OurSCHOOL Survey and to help combat ‘survey fatigue.’



Need Sample Custom Question Ideas?


Need help crafting custom questions for your survey? Not sure where to start? Attend one of our
upcoming sessions on how to get the most out of your custom questions. You can also take a look at our sample questions for inspiration. 



Download your Letter Template to Parents

Did you know we have a letter template you can send to parents to inform them about student participation in the OurSCHOOL survey? Download it here!

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