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Schools thrive when teachers, students, parents and guardians work together. Align the OurSCHOOL Parent and Teacher Surveys with your Student Survey to gather reliable insight from your school community!

Inspire Collaboration and Improve Student Outcomes

  • Already using the OurSCHOOL Parent or Teacher Surveys? Find out how to triangulate your data with our Engagement Team.
  • Want to know what teachers think about new initiatives or programs in your school community? Click here for example custom question ideas to help you find out.
  • Trying to find ways to increase participation in the Parent Survey? Use these strategies to maximize participation in the OurSCHOOL Parent Survey!

Find Resources to get Started

  • Use our templates to notify parents and teachers about an upcoming survey.
  • Visit our FAQ sections on the Knowledge Base.
  • Try our Parent and Teacher survey data worksheets to help you explore your data.

Check out These Recent Updates

  • Revised wording: We have revised the wording found within the OurSCHOOL suite of surveys from "Aboriginal" to "Indigenous" in order to more accurately and inclusively reflect this demographic population. Read more about it here.
  • Parent Survey now available in 23 languages: Parents and caregivers in your community can now take the OurSCHOOL Parent Survey in their preferred language. Click here for more information.
  • Sex and Gender Identity questions: We have revised the wording of the OurSCHOOL Sex and Gender Identity demographic questions and have added additional question options to better reflect your school context. Read more about it here.

What educators are saying about OurSCHOOL  

Without exception, the schools that used the OurSCHOOL (formerly Tell Them From Me) survey tool felt the information was invaluable. While the information often confirmed some intuitions of the staff, there were many surprises (small and major) that were uncovered.

- Art Blackwell, District Principal (School District 73, British Columbia)



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