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The Interactive Charts allow you to analyze survey data in an interactive reporting environment and with the Scrapbook feature you can create your own custom reporting.

Access your Interactive Charts

On your View Reports page, click the "Report Available" link under Interactive Charts.

On the following page, select the measures you want to display. To select all measures under a particular domain, click on the grey header.

Manipulate your Data

On the main Interactive Charts page, there are two dashboards that allow you to change the presentation of your charts. The upper dashboard applies to all charts, while the left-hand dashboard applies to each respective chart.


General Options (upper dashboard only)

Survey: Select different surveys directly from the dashboard with this drop-down menu. The same measures from the survey selected will display below.

Chart Type: A bar chart is currently the only option for displaying your charts.

Domain: If you want to display different measures, choose the “Re-select Measures” option from this drop-down menu and click on Refresh All Charts in the bottom-right corner of the upper dashboard.



Comparison (upper dashboard only)

Once you have implemented the Staff Survey for at least two years, you will be able to select previous years' data sets for comparison. 



Drilldown Variables (upper and left-hand dashboards)

Charts can be drilled down (or broken down) by Sex, Tenure at school, Tenure, Employment status, or Position. You can also break down the results using your School MCQs as a drill-down variable. Only one of the drill-down variables can be selected at a time.


When selecting drill-down variables, your graphs can become quite complex and difficult to interpret visually. Most measures have a checkbox that allows you to view the data as a table instead of a chart.


Simply select this checkbox and click on the "Refresh this chart" button. 


Did you know? As you drill down to smaller and smaller sub-populations, you may encounter data suppression put in place to protect the anonymity of survey takers. Click here for more information.

Add Charts to a Scrapbook

Interactive Charts can be added to your Scrapbook by clicking on the camera icon in the top right-hand corner of each chart.

Scrapbook.png scrapbook1.PNG

For more information on how to use the Scrapbook feature, see the How to Scrapbook article.

Measure Descriptions

You can also click the question mark icon in the top-right-hand corner of the chart to view its description.

Measure.png Measure2.PNG