How to Add, Reactivate or Transfer Members Print or save as PDF

At the start of each school year, all school-level accounts are set to Report-Only Access. The District Coordinator must reactivate or transfer existing users, or add new ones, for the new year. This is completed after Adding or Reactivating Schools 

  1. Click on the Add/Reactivate/Transfer Members link under My Admin.

  2. Select your country and district from the drop down menus. A list of all your schools will populate. A legend at the top of the page explains the information on the page:


3. Manage the members associated with each school using the options outlined in the legend:

    1. Click on _add.PNG Activate this member under the Report-Only Access section to reactivate an existing user
    2. To transfer a user from one school to another, use _Move.PNG Move this member
    3. To add another role to an existing user at a separate school, use _Activate.PNG Add another role to this member.

Use the _Activate.PNG Add new member function to add a new user. You will be required to fill out the following information:

See the OurSCHOOL Account Roles and Permissions article for more information on each role.