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Begin by clicking on the Monitor Progress link under the yellow My Surveys section of the website. On the main Monitor Progress page, your options and view will be dependent on your OurSCHOOL role.

School Coordinators
School Coordinators, Principals, and School Monitors will be brought directly to their Monitor Progress dashboard. See the School Summary Legend below for more details.

District Coordinators
District Coordinators and District Monitors can Monitor Progress for all schools by leaving the drop-down list on "All", or select a specific school from the drop-down list. See the District Summary Legend below for details on the district-level view, and the School Summary Legend for school-level progress.

School Summary Legend

Setup in Progress
If a school’s survey has not yet been activated (the final step of Survey Setup), Monitor Progress will display a partially set up survey. See the Resuming a Partially Setup Survey article for more information.

Setup Complete / Surveying UnderwayMonitor_Progress.png

  • Survey: Click on the name of a survey to view a list of its measures.
  • Evaluation Option: If conducting multiple surveys in one year, this column helps identify which survey is which. Click on Add Snapshot to begin setting up a second survey, identical to the first.
  • Date Started: This date shows when the Survey Setup process was started.
  • Max # Survey Takers: Approximate number of survey takers indicated during Survey Setup. Clicking on this number will bring you to the Survey Taker List and Passwords page for this survey.
  • # Completed To Date: Number of survey takers who reached the end of the survey.
  • Response Rate: # Completed To Date divided by the Max. # Survey Takers. Monitor this percentage to decide when to close your survey.
  • View Reports: Once released, click here to access the applicable survey’s reports
  • Close Survey: Click on the link to close your survey. You will be asked to confirm your request on the following page. Reports are generally released within two business days, during which time this column will show as Reports Requested.

District Summary Legend


  • Partial Setup: Schools that have begun to set up their survey, but have not yet activated it.
  • Activated: Schools that have activated their survey and are ready to begin surveying students.
  • Started: Schools that have begun surveying students. Note that the schools listed under Started also remain in the Activated count, so these two numbers overlap.
  • Report Available: Schools that have closed their survey and whose reports have been released.

    Envelope Icon: Click this icon to send a message to school users of those schools at the applicable stage. Hover over the number beside the envelope to view the schools in that stage.
  • Max. # Survey Takers: Sum of the approximate number of survey takers indicated by all schools during Survey Setup.
  • # Completed To Date: Number of survey takers who reached the end of the survey.
  • Response Rate: Overall district-wide response rate for each survey, equivalent to # Completed To Date divided by the Max. # Survey Takers. See the Surveying a Representative Sample Population article for more information on response rates.
Did you know? Click on the [+] symbol next to the survey type to display the different survey configurations and snapshots implemented.

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