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These videos and resources are for school teams leading the OurSCHOOL Student, Parent, Teacher, and Staff Surveys. They outline what every school needs to know to successfully implement the OurSCHOOL survey. 

While we recommend viewing these videos in order of their appearance, you may skip through to find the video most relevant to you. 
Your Role as a School Coordinator

The School Coordinator is the primary contact for the OurSCHOOL initiative at the school level. The principal may occupy this role, but the role can also be delegated to another staff member. This ‘on-the-ground’ leadership role is critical to a successful implementation, encompassing logistics, administration of the survey, and effective communication. In your role as School Coordinator, you will:

  • Coordinate with your District Coordinator to implement the survey;
  • Build your school's capacity to collect and use data;
  • Communicate survey purpose and results with all stakeholders;
  • Commit to using the data for school improvement.



Getting Ready for the OurSCHOOL Surveys
Before beginning the implementation, your District Coordinator will create or reactivate your OurSCHOOL account. See Account Information if you need help to update your account or reset your password. If you are unsure who your District Coordinator is, refer to the Finding your District Coordinator article.

Introduction Introduction

CommunicationThe key to a successful survey implementation

How to Prepare Staff, Students and Parents for the Survey Prepare Staff, Students, and Parents for the Survey


You can view these articles for Resources and How-To Guides mentioned in the videos above, or in addition to the videos above:



Survey Setup
Once your District Coordinator has selected the main content of the survey, Survey Setup is the process by which School Coordinators complete the configuration of the survey and tailor it to their context. As you are preparing to implement your survey, you will find it helpful to review the following videos as well as the articles below this section. You can also refer to the Survey Setup section of Pre-Survey Resources for more information and resources to support your survey setup.

Survey_Setup.PNG How to set up your survey

Creating_your_custom_questions.PNGCreating custom questions

Using Custom Questions as Drill Downs Using custom questions as drill-downs

Resuming_a_partially_setup_survey.PNG Resuming a partially set up survey


Viewing and Sharing Survey Questions Viewing and sharing survey questions

Usernames__Passwords.PNG Distributing usernames and passwords

How_to_Edit_your_Custom_Questions.PNGHow to edit your custom questions

Monitor_Progress_and_Closing_Surveys.PNG Monitor progress and closing surveys


You can view these articles for Resources and How-To Guides mentioned in the videos above, or in addition to the videos above:



Reports and Survey Reporting Tools

Please watch the first video to preview some of the reports and reporting tools that will be available to you. We have also included videos of how some schools are using their data!

Report quick glimpse

Quick Overview

Report quick glimpse

George Street Middle School Think Tank

Report quick glimpse

See What Grade 4 and 5 Students Can Do with Their Data!


What's Next?

Once you receive your reports from this survey implementation, we recommend navigating to the School Coordinator On-Demand Report Training Hub (COMING SOON). Reports are normally released within two working days of survey closure. 




Would you still like the opportunity to ask an OurSCHOOL expert? Feel free to: 

  • Call our toll-free support line at 1-877-840-2424 ext. 1
  • Email us at
  • Or book a one-on-one meeting using our booking calendar. Please contact us directly for different times.